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Every dedicated business owner knows it costs money to acquire a new customer.  One of the mostly important questions ever asked is how much money must I spend to acquire and keep our target customer? 

Traditional marketing methods produce unreliable results.  It is near impossible to properly calculate the costs of acquiring a new customer when using traditional advertising and marketing methods.  Advertising in your local newspaper, highly ineffective and costly.  Advertising on the radio has proven to be a better way of reaching your target customer than newspaper advertising but unfortunately the results do not justify the expense.  Television advertising does a great job at focusing on your target customer but it also does a very good job at emptying your wallet or advertisng budget. Television advertising  has proven not to be a cost effective way of aquiring new customers or maintaining current customers.    

CSE Adverting's RESULTS Social Media Marketing has an innovative social media marketing plan.  With our decades of marketing experiences and knowledge of social media trends we partner with you in acquiring new customers at  a low cost.  If you are interested in learning more about how RESULTS Social Media Marketing can help you reach your goals please contact one of our marketing professionals today.